Real time cryptocurrency pricing api

CryptoLive allows you to create a powerful Market Capitalization website like or CryptoCompare with one major difference – all prices and information are updated live in the browser.

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4. TCrypto – Realtime Cryptocurrency Market Prices ,Charts Application with Membership

TCrypto is a platform which displays general live information,quotes and interactive historical charts for more than 2000 cryptocurrencies.

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12. Bitcoin Tools Suite – 50+ Features

Introducing the Bitcoin Tools Suite. A high quality tools & information website script for bitcoin. Including 25 tool types and 31 pricing tickers paired with a modern, responsive design built on top of modular back-end code.

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First some setup to make our lives easier:

const async = require(‘asyncawait/async’);const await = require(‘asyncawait/await’);async function get_kucoin_ticker_price_in_btc(pair) { return new Promise(function(res, rej) { kucoin.getTicker({pair:pair}).then( function(ticker) { res(; }); });}

Now we can do some quick calls:

let locibtc = await get_kucoin_ticker_price_in_btc(‘LOCI-BTC’);let wtcbtc = await get_kucoin_ticker_price_in_btc(‘WTC-BTC’);// locibtc = 0.00000517 BTC// wtcbtc = 0.00100298 BTClet loci_per_wtc = wtcbtc / locibtc; // ~194 LOCI per WTC

What can we do with this information? We can approximate how many dollars equivalent a given WTC is versus LOCI without even converting to USD. That’s very clever. That means we could come up with our own base pairs that you wouldn’t find on just about any sites but your own. Or, you could build a service that takes different sorts of tokens under certain conditions as “compatible tokens” as equivalent methods for swapping payment. You could also build a screener that shows how your set of tokens in your portfolio are faring against other tokens you have on a relative-strength basis, or give you a quick way of instantly seeing how many more of X token you could accumulate versus coin Y, using non-stale data, but instead exchange data from Kucoin.

Get Latest & Historic Exchange Rates

For avid crypto traders (and hodlers looking to do their homework before diving into a coin), it’s important to get the most data as frequently as possible for the cheapest price.

The best APIs for getting current/historic exchange rates tend to be pricey. But, if you look hard enough, you can get the data at a huge discount.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • CCXT
  • BraveNewCoin
  • Blockchain Exchange Rates API
  • CoinGecko

These APIs are all great for collecting the high-quality, tick-by-tick data you need to trade in real-time as well as backtest your strategies against historical market data. You can also try popular market data APIs like CoinAPI or CoinMarketCap, but we’ve found these ones to be the most robust.

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