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Method 2: Using Excel Convert To Stocks Button

The easiest of all is using the “convert to stocks” button that excel provides in their spreadsheets.

The only negative aspect about the “convert to stocks” button that excel has, is it only provides a limited amount of cryptocurrency coins.

These are the only available ones as of writing this article:

  • Bitcoin (BTCUSD)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSD)
  • Litecoin (LTCUSD)
  • Ripple (XRPUSD)
  • Ethereum (ETHUSD)

These are the following attributes that excel provides for each of the cryptocurrency coins:

  • 52 week high
  • 52 week low
  • Change
  • Change (%)
  • Currency
  • From Currency
  • High
  • Instrument Type
  • Last trade time
  • low Name
  • Open
  • Previous close
  • Price
  • Ticker symbol

To use this function you need to highlight the relevant cell that contains your cryptocurrency, in my case, I am importing the price of BTC.

To convert to cryptocurrency you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the cell that holds your cryptocurrency ticker symbol
  2. Click on Data
  3. Click on Stocks

Once you have successfully used the “convert to stocks” button your ticker symbol should input a stock icon ().

To input our attributes for the cryptocurrency we can use our icon (insert data) on the top right of the ticker symbol ().

By clicking on our insert data symbol, and selecting our attributes excel automatically inputs the attribute to the right-hand side of our ticker symbol.

If you click on each attribute you’ll see that it is actually a function, so if you’d like to place your attributes in another orientation you can call the ticker symbol location such as =B3 and excel will automatically input a drop-down menu with all the available attributes.

Importing cryptocurrency into Excel FAQ

How do you keep track of crypto investments?

One way to keep track of cryptocurrency investments is to create your own cryptocurrency investment tracker in Excel.

How do I import crypto prices into Excel?

There are multiple ways to import cryptocurrency prices in Excel, we recommend that you use an addon called “cryptosheets” which pulls real-time data from exchanges to include onto your spreadsheets.

How to import cryptocurrency altcoins into Excel

Currently, the only three ways to import altcoins into excel are using the addon “cryptosheets”, connecting to an exchange API, or gathering data using excel power query from coinmarketcap and relevant websites.

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